The UAC is the finest group of chiropractors on the planet!

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Dr. Lynne Mouw

I am in the UAC because of the quality of relationships that form and develop at each event. The ability to mastermind consistently with the top 1% of our profession on a regular basis is totally invaluable. Our business has continually experienced double-digit growth for the last five years and we attribute much of that success to the quality of The ideas in the sounding board that we are found in the UAC.

Drs. Staci + Nate Blume

The first affirmation I say on a daily basis is ‘I’ve surrounded myself with individuals who call me to something greater.’ The UAC embodies that statement like no other group in all of Chiropractic. It calls us all to be leaders in not only Chiropractic but in our communities and overall entrepreneurship.

Dr. Allen Miner

UAC is a place where the most successful entrepreneurial Chiropractors with a big vision for their lives and businesses come together to share ideas, best practices, and learn from top innovators in the world. This group is a must for anyone that has built their business beyond a single Chiropractic practice.


You become like the people who you surround yourself with. Choose them well because they will either cause you to shrink or inspire you to sustainable growth and creativity.

There is an urgent problem in the chiropractic culture where uncommonly successful DCs live in isolation and lack the stimulation that fuels sustainable, expanding success, creativity and fulfillment.

UAC exists as a curated epicenter of chiropractic success, inspiring DCs who possess vision and ability, to become the world’s most successful and fulfilled healthcare providers.


The Ultimate Achievers Club (UAC) was born years ago out of an explosively successful experiment.

Chiropractic icon Dr. Patrick Gentempo was approached by a small group of his successful clients with a simple request.

They asserted, “We love your programs and presentations, but they are necessarily calibrated to the average chiropractor out there. You’ve started a couple of multi-million dollar companies and have access to some powerful business growth resources. We’d like access to your brain and contacts. Can you put something together for us?” And from that first group of 15 high-performing DCs, UAC was born. Over the years it has reached around the globe and attracted the finest chiropractors in the world.

The UAC ‘family’ is a carefully curated, intimate group of successful DCs who have bonded and shared the best they have to offer.

The clear goal we have for every member is to inspire and drive them to uncommon success as chiropractors, entrepreneurs and human beings.

We do this by creating a culture of positive, high-achieving, values-based DCs that can both give and receive with impact and purpose at the highest possible levels.

And then we expose this culture to world-class thinkers, business people and personal development experts. We engage. We share. We inspire. We grow. UAC is the ultimate destination for special DCs on an upward path to greatness.


  • WHO is in the room: UAC is a privileged, curated environment of the best DCs in the world.
  • UNIQUE content and training otherwise not available in chiropractic.
  • EXPERIENCES that enrich life and success.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY that breeds integrity and achievement.
  • CULTURE: Because you are like the people you hang out with most!
  • Spouse/Staff engagement encouraged for holistic experience.


The following is a general profile of UAC members:

  • DCs that are values driven.
  • Practice cultures range from adjustment only to full lifestyle based practice.
  • Practice ownership ranges from single practice to 10 or more practices.
  • Practice volume range: 200 – 2,200 patient visits weekly.
  • Annual revenue range per practice: $.5M to $4M+
  • Many have or are developing businesses beyond their practice.
  • ALL have a positive, success oriented attitude.


  • Must be a chiropractor.
  • Must have a minimum practice volume of 200 visits a week or annual revenue of $500,000, with an ambition to grow. (Most practices are larger than this.)
  • Must have a positive, success oriented attitude and be committed to personal and professional growth.


The UAC offers 4 ‘standard meetings’ per year. In addition there is an annual ‘Legacy Retreat’ offered as well as monthly mastermind connections conducted via Google Hangout. Here is a brief description:

  • Standard UAC Meetings: UAC meetings occur 4 times per year – January, March, July, and November. (See below for 2019 calendar details.) Most members show up and meet to mix and mingle Thursday night. The program runs from 4-7pm on Friday and then again from 9am-6pm on Saturday, including best practice shares presented by group members. The collected wisdom of this group is startling and we harness it to everyone’s benefit. Many members cite that the best ‘stuff’ happens in the hallways between the sessions. The bonding, connecting and sharing is a huge dimension of the UAC experience.
  • UAC Legacy Retreat:The legacy retreat has no classroom time. It is designed to be an experience where UAC members can have a fun and enriching experience while sharing thoughts, ideas, and passions. (Significant others are invited!) Some years we rent private coaches in Napa Valley, taste wine and enjoy great food. Other years we go for an international trip… like Bali, Indonesia for example! The Gentempo’s have a passion for adventure travel and love sharing it with the UAC.
  • Access to private UAC website: All UAC events are professionally videoed. For times when you can’t make an event or want to revisit the unique and powerful presentations, you can catch them on the UAC site. As well, all monthly mastermind sessions will be posted there.
  • Private UAC Facebook Group Page: The UAC Facebook group page is alive and electric! Members are constantly sharing there. Not only do they post ideas, but many times the collateral you need to implement the idea. It really is a great member asset.


Annual dues for the UAC is a minor investment of $5,500. (You should receive at least a 10X return on this from each session you attend. Similar ‘high-performer masterminds’ range from $25,000 – $55,000 per year.)

What’s included?

  • All UAC events and benefits described above.
  • To each UAC event, a member is invite to bring their spouse/significant other and one key staff person. Additional staff at UAC management’s discretion may be added for $500 per event.

What’s not included?

All travel related expenses

Next Step?

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May 17th and 18th - Napa Legacy Retreat

July 5th and 6th -
Park City, UT

November 8th and 9th

San Diego, CA

2020 - January 31st & February 1st
Sydney, Australia

2020 - March 6th and 7th - Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

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